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Working from home during a Pandemic
By Mitchell, Rossetto, Downey
31 March 2021

In the face of a pandemic, many people are now being asked to perform work duties from home. It is an opportune time to review some key ergonomics principles to help ensure that you can work from home in a safe and productive manner.

Here are some easy work station tips to follow:

  1. Select an appropriate work location.
  2. Select the best chair available.
  3. Find a footrest (if needed).
  4. Use external devices.
  5. Move around.
  6. Protect your mental health.
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Case Study
By Lee Scott
15 February 2021

Our client is a middle-aged male whose profession requires computer work for up to 11 hours. Due to various health conditions, he was unable to sit for longer than 20 to 30 minutes at a time,

Our intervention resulted in:
  • There was a marked improvement in his neurological symptoms with sitting, standing and driving, enabling him to be more focused and functional in his work.
  • Vascular symptoms with sitting cleared up completely
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Ergonomics Legislation
By Department of Labour
6 December 2019

The ergonomics relulation has now been promulgated. Please contact us for your ergonomics training needs and ergonomic risk assessment. The regulation requires:
1. You need to implement an Ergonomics Program.
2. You are free to choose the type of ergonomic risk assessment, as long as it is relevant to your industry and employee population.
3. You need to train your employees.
4. You need to ensure the suppliers and manufacturers have considered ergonomics in the desing of their products.
5. Implement medical review and keep records.
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