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Case Study

Workstation set-up in collaboration with Urgo Back Care Innovations

February 2021

Our client is a middle-aged male whose profession requires computer work for up to 11 hours. Due to various health conditions, he was unable to sit for longer than 20 to 30 minutes at a time,

Our intervention resulted in:
  • There was a marked improvement in his neurological symptoms with sitting, standing and driving, enabling him to be more focused and functional in his work.
  • Vascular symptoms with sitting cleared up completely
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Optimise your productivity with the correct sitting and standing working environment | WorkWise


We presented lectures on two occasions to the members of the Dental Society of South Africa on Ergonomics in their field.
We covered good working positions and how to prevent work related injuries.
Many of the Dentists purchased ergonomic saddle chairs to use in their practices, to support a good working posture.

The Actuary Society of South Africa requested a lecture on open office ethics and office ergonomics for the Head Office Administrative Staff.
We assessed many of the employees and provided advice and guidance on how to optimize their work station set-ups.
Pause Exercises to prevent fatigue and workplace injuries | WorkWise Ergonomics


Webinars on Ergonomics for any occupation

We are available to advise groups of people or employees on Ergonomics. Some of the projects we have done include:
  • An introduction to ergonomics
  • Health risks of sitting too long
  • Advise on how to set up your workstation at home by working through a checklist. Desk and chair set-up theory and practical
  • Looking at examples of workstation set-ups and suggestions on how to improve them
  • How to set up your desk for efficiency
  • Pause exercises to do during your day to improve health
  • Questions and answers
Ergonomics is important in any occupation or profession to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and improve efficiency, not only in an office setting.

We have also done ergonomic talks for dentists, nurses and other professions. If you are interested to find out how an ergonomic assessment and intervention can be applied to your particular profession/benefit your occupation, you are welcome to contact us for more information.
Neuroscience of Pain Presentations by WorkWise Ergonomics

Custom designed ergonomic furniture

When it comes to ergonomic furniture and set-ups, one size does not fit all. People’s bodies and requirements vary so much.
If you are very small or tall in stature, most standard chairs will not fit your body. A customised chair may then be more suitable for you.

When we do an assessment, we can identify if the standard equipment or furniture is not suitable for you and we can assist with the process to customize your ergonomic furniture.
These custom designs are not necessarily more expensive than the standard equipment and you get a chair made to fit your body and environment.

Ergonomic Assessments, Training and Interventions | WorkWise Ergonomics
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